Kids Cheyenne Brigalow Hat



Kids cheyenne coloured hats "One Size Fits All" size 55cm with elastic inside the crown to help the hat stay on your head.

The elastic will help the hat fit on any childs head from size 52cm up to 55cm.

For an extra snug fit you can add our adhesive foam hat tape as well.

These are a basic straw hat lacquered to be extra strong.

They won"t shrink after getting wet, but they are quite stiff and rigid.

The wire in the outside of the brim allows you to be able to shape the hat according to your liking.

For Adults sizes Prefix: 13

For Childs sizes Prefix 14

Colours and Product Codes:

500 - Soft Pink 501

- Light Blue 502

- Purple 503

- Red 504

- Black 505

- Hot Pink 506

- Mid Pink 508

- Dark Blue 509

- Lime Green 510

- Canary 511

- Brown 513

- Royal Orchid

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