Sweet Pro Equipride Equilix - IN STORE PURCHASE ONLY



EquiPride is an "all-in-one" vitamin and mineral top dressing supplement for horses that includes strong prebiotic and digestive aids for better horse health and superior performance.

EquiPride is safe for metabolic and insulin resistant horses. It will complement forages, support appearance, performance and immune function through better feed utilization.

EquiPride comes in 5 gallon pails and 50 lb (22.68 kg) bags as a loose top dress that can be added to your horses' regular feed.

It works effectively to help support hooves, hair coat, joint lubricity, feed utilization, circulation and resistance to colicing.

SweetPro Feeds has designed this supplement to maximize nutrient uptake from your horses' feed, and minimize the need for multiple supplements.

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