Fort Worth Smith's Quick Cinch - FOR1659

Saddlery Trading Company

SKU: 17730

Smith?s Quick Cinch is a simple innovation to be used in conjunction with a latigo strap. Once assembled (attached to the latigo) you do no have to completely lace up or undo your latigo every time you saddle up.
When saddling up just simply attach the girth to the Smith?s Quick Cinch and tighten the latigo as normal and when unsaddling loosen the latigo and leave assembled and unbuckle your gith from the Smith?s Quick Cinch.
You can also use the same girth on a number of different size horses with the 2 adjustment holes on the Smith?s Quick Cinch especially if you use a latigo on both near and off side, but a billet on the off side will still work.
For riders new to using western/stock girths will find using the Smiths Quick Cinch will make the process of saddling and unsaddling an easier process with not having to deal with wrapping and unwrapping the latigo. 

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