Liscop Horse Clipper - Culti


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This slim, new horse clipper is extremely silent (only 66dB) and non-vibrating

The ergonomic body houses a powerful permanent magnet motor with high torque for the perfect clipping result

Due to its well-balanced minimal weight, this clipper will win over both hobby as well as professional horse owners

The CUTLI is not only impressive due to its powerful motor and wide clipping head, but also thanks to its remarkable and ergonomic design

The CUTLI comes ready to use, equipped with a set of blades for day to day rooming (clipping height approx 3mm) and includes special Liscop clipper oil in a handy plastic case

Made in Germany

Cutting Speed: 2.200 double strokes/min

Dimensions: 48mm x 48mm x 285mm

Noise Level: Approx. 66 dB

Cooling System: A new form of aeration for motor, transmission, clipping head and blades

Drive System: Single step, encapsulated, self lubricating

Cutter Drive System: Oscillating cutter drive system with new pressure distribution for longer lifespan; extremely silent and non vibrating

Air Filter: easily removed without tools – quick and easy to clean

Weight: Only 1,010g (without cable)

Power Cord: 5m in length

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