Showcraft - Memory Foam Lonsdale Girth Black

National Equestrian Wholesaler

SKU: 15362

The Showcraft Memory Foam Lonsdale girth combined with its patented spring loaded buckle will revolutionize the girthing experience for horse rider making girth tightening a breeze. The memory foam is super soft and energy absorbent. The foam protects against impact and mould to the contours of your horse to evenly disperse pressure, providing relief and support. The buckle tongues are spring loaded and will hold your girth points tight against the rollers when girthing up to effortlessly glide into the selected holes. * High density memory foam * Patented stainless steel spring loaded buckles * Reinforced nylon for strength * Soft and durable polyester knit exterior * High quality elastic * Contoured design * 100% washable

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