Wilson Snaffle Bit




• The Wilson Snaffle is traditionally used in the driving world, but is also becoming popular for ridden horses.
• It has four loose rings - two attached to each end of the mouthpiece, with two additional "inside rings".
• The cheek pieces of the bridle are fitted to the inside rings, while the reins are fitted to the outside two rings.
• The bits works with a squeezing action on the horse's cheeks rather than on the corners of the mouth.
• The Wilson Snaffle can give superb control and "turning power" for a hard-pulling horse, while not being overly severe.


• Size Guide:
• Pony (11.5cm - 4½")
• Cob (12.5cm - 5")
• Full (13.5cm - 5½")
• Warmblood (14.5cm - 5¾)
• Draft Horse (16.5cm - 6½")
• Clydesdale (18.0cm - 7")

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